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About Us

At St. Lucia Online, we bring together two worlds: that of the internet with that of the fascinating Caribbean island of St. Lucia.We look 'inwards' in the sense that we keep close track of current events in St. Lucia, including the latest in news and sports, job vacancies, weather forecasts, satellite weather maps and community affairs. There are also direct links to the St. Lucia telephone directory and to our internet shop ('Strictly Roots') which stocks strictly St. Lucian wares.

At the same time,  we also look 'outwards', in the sense that we offer a comprehensive set of tools to make life on the internet more fun, more fruitful, easier and cheaper to use.  We 'work the web for you', making sure that you always have the best tools at your fingertips. Some of our current assets are:

  • Free E-mail which affirms your roots (
  • St Lucia Online radio plays music by St Lucian artistes 24 hours a day.
  • Find St. Lucia related websites - using the only search engine entirely dedicated to St. Lucian websites, you can find all there is to know about the island without all those spurious results that the other search engines come up with. Also find smaller more obscure sites that do not show up in other search engines.
  • Local Site Search - easily pinpoint anything  hosted at the St. Lucia Online site.
  • Classified Ads - The fun way to sell your stuff online.
  • Internet Shop - Buy local goodies online.

Who we are

St. Lucia Online is a small, independent, Vieux Fort-based operation, where we combine commercial instinct and technological know-how with a critical but compassionate attitude towards the news and society in general.

What we're about

We recognise that subscribers use St. Lucia Online first and foremost for practical reasons. People do not, as a rule, visit websites primarily to read the advertisements - yet advertising is what makes running a site like this one financially possible. In short, at St. Lucia Online, we are committed to ensuring that our technical and information-providing services are fast, faultless and up-to-date - so that you have every reason to return to us regularly (or even to make St. Lucia Online the start page for your browser ). Our businesspeople, in turn, can then be sure of having an intelligent and reliable audience (...yes, we mean you!).
Additionally, we ensure that St. Lucia Online remains well ranked with the  popular search engines and directories, so that other 'netizens' with an interest in St. Lucia also have easy access to our site.

In the category 'Prime Sites', you find the web sites of our most valued customers  - the people who, in effect, make it possible for us to provide this service  for your convenience.

We believe that St. Lucia Online has a valuable role to play in today's world - a world which, although having become something of a 'global village', has not necessarily become a fairer or less complex place in which to survive. By making it possible for St. Lucians and others  - from Banse to Brooklyn, from Castries to California, from Laborie to London  and from Ti Rocher to Toronto - to communicate quickly, easily and directly on the basis of unbiased, critical, and up-to-date information, St. Lucia Online aims to add another building block to the construction process of making our beloved island a less vulnerable, better-equipped partner in the harsh game of international political and economic survival, and a more equitable and peaceful place to call home.

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