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If this means nothing to you then read on ...

St. Lucia's Search Engine and Web Directory offers you free web space for your websites


What does this mean?
It means that you can now have your very own website without spending a cent. We provide the free space where you 'keep' your website, as well as the easy-to-use tools to help you create it. Even someone with no experience can easily follow the instructions and have a website up and running in just a few minutes.

How much information can I fit on my website?
We provide you with FREE web space ... but here's the answer you really wanted to hear - that's enough for 1,200 pages of text or 300 good-sized photos!

But I already have a free website
Excellent, that means you've made a head start! If you already have a free website  we've made it really simple to transfer your site to sluhoobutton.
Just use our site copying tool.

Why should I transfer my free website to SLUHOO?
The trouble with most other free services is that once you've created your website, you end up having to remember a web address which may look something like this:
And if you can't remember it, then no one else will either.
Recognising this, lots of other services have popped up which allow you to choose a web address that you are are more likely to remember, and then use this as a 'nickname' or 'alias' for your website. For instance, you might choose:   or
Again, this is great as it makes things easier for humans to remember, but is generally not so clever for the search engines that index the web and make it possible for others to find your website. Aliases like this can confuse some search engines and make it harder for your site to be recognised by them
When you use sluhoobutton free webspace, you choose the word or phrase that best represents your site, and we simply add '.SLUHOO.COM' to it, instantly associating it with St. Lucia and sluhoobutton, the St. Lucian search engine.
Your web address could be:  or or
- You decide ... but hurry, someone else might get there first and choose the name you wanted!

I'm an experienced Webmaster
We also cater for advanced users and provide:
Web-based File Manager - allows you to view, edit, delete, and upload files
Site Promotion Tools - We give you all the tools you need to announce your site to the world and start generating traffic. 

    Announce your Web site - We provide a way for you to tell your friends about your new web site, and invite them come build their own.
    Improve your search engine ranking - We provide tools to help your site score higher for the keywords you submit to the search engines.
    Submit your site - Automatically submit your site to the top search engines with our quick submission tool.

• Site Enhancement Tools

    Add a visitor counter - Keep track of - or brag about - how many visitors you have had to your various Web site pages. Choose from numeric or various graphical styles.
    Add a Guestbook - Allow visitors to your site to post their comments, names, e-mail addresses, etc. for others to see.
    Create custom forms - Get visitor feedback or request any other information you might want to know about the people that come to your site. The results will be sent directly to your e-mail address!

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